Step into a larger world!

The Goruk War is over, but the aftermath is just beginning. The citizen soldiers of Tamendad long for a return to normal. But that proves difficult for some. Many lost their lives in the war. Many more lost their livelihoods. And some are dangerously close to losing their minds.

Gunther Moragun struggles to adjust after war injury stripped him of his craft as a blacksmith. Colvin, his apprentice, hears mention of a mysterious soul far away on the mainland who might be able to lend aid. But will Colvin be able to convince his fellow war council veterans to risk the perilous journey for an uncertain chance to help a friend?

And what will become of Tamendad while its war heroes are away?

The Kalatheptoris Cycle continues. A storm is coming. Go beyond the walls of Tamendad, and set out on the quest for a Hand & Ring.